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In this layer you can write your business logic logic written as per business requirement or any validation code. Data Access Layer which makes the connection to the database server. In this layer you can write database connection and sql queries or stored procedures.

When user post data from user interface, data first goes to the business layer there data will be validated then validated data is posted to database layer to insert into the database. When user request any data from the database then the request is first processed by the business access layer validates the request and pass to data access layer then data access layer forwards it to the database server and fetch necessary records.

How to create login page in using 3 tier architecture

Found records are loaded by the data access layer and pass it back to the business access layer then business access layer pass those records to the presentation layer. In this article we give you one example of the 3 tier architecture for more understanding. In this example first we create simple windows form to do mathematical operation like Addition, Subtraction between two values. We can divide our example in three steps listed below.

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Step 1 Create presentation layer in other word create user interface of application. Step 3 Create Data Access Layer in this layer we can impletement database logic to do database operation. If you are sound with Windows Forms then you know very well how to create a windows forms application. Here we create example in C. See below image of solution explorer.

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UI — Solution Explorer. See below image for more understanding.

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Add New Project — BL. See below image of solution explorer after adding Business Access Layer. BL — Solution Explorer. So we can access the class of BL into Presentation Layer.

N Tier(Multi-Tier), 3-Tier, 2-Tier Architecture with EXAMPLE

See below image to add reference into Presentation Layer. Add Reference of BL. Now we will move to add Data Access Layer in existing project. So we can access the class of DL into BL. See below image to design your windows form and generate the button click event to execute our logic. Form Design. This class file is used for validation and logical things only like textbox validation, Addition, Subtraction, etc.

Disadvantage of using 3 tier architecture

Or if you want to change the validation rules then update Business Access Layer only and all things working fine. What do you think of this article? NET, Real time examples for 3-tier architecture, 3 tire architecture in asp. Tags: C Articles. Hi sowji, Check below link it will help to you during development. Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. A basic understanding of React terminologies. Create an Accordion collapsible content.

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