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Usually one cup is enough but if you think you need more, add it. Your dough should end up with a spongy feeling. I hope this helps. This is kinda like making a pie crust. You have to get a feeling for the dough and judge for yourself if you cooked the dumplings long enough. The inside of the dumpling should not look raw. I like to serve with corn and a side of cold slaw. I buy it the day I am going to make the dumplings so it is fresh. It seems the longer slaw sits the soggier it gets. Then roll out thin and cut up and drop in chicken broth. I make my dumplings with 1.

Mix with enough flour,about 3 cups,knead a few times,divide into 2 balls,roll out thin,cut instrips,freeze. Take out as needed,break off and put in broth. These are very good!

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Not as good and they still need to be rolled out. Can be expensive when you have to buy four or five cans. I make dumplings like Kate but instead of food coloring, I like to use a little tumeric for both flavor and color. I do like kate too but if you put oil,crisco,or oleo around the rim of your pot the water will not boil over the oil stops it. I have never used milk in my dumplings; I use plain flour, salt, pepper and water! I have never had any complaints! I also make mine early in the day at times, and as you suggested, put waxed paper between the rows of dumplings and freeze.

I make them this way too, only use the chicken broth instead of water, They turn out great and are a big hit in the fall. I have never used baking powder in them. I will try with baking powder just to see the difference,. I use the broth instead of milk. I have to wait until it cools but it adds all that flavor to the dumping and it is wonderful!

I make my dumplings like mom taught me.

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Flour, salt and hot chicken broth. Cook till doughy taste is gone. Cook in broth and add cooked chicken, deboned. I use the same recipe my friend taught me years ago plain flour Cisco salt and water and roll thin. They are delicious. I make mine like Kate only when all is done I add a little milk to the pot stir and let set for a few minutes and the broth will thicken up. I make mine like Jan R. My grandmother taught me over 50 years ago. I cover them and turn the heat off after they are all in the pot and let them steam to finish cooking.

Yes you can, JoAnn! Use biscuits n pinch them in to four parts n drop into hot broth n when done add or chicken an a large can of Carnation milk n I add plenty of salt n pepper n my family love them. Mrs Traylors are what we use. You can find them in the freezer section of most grocery stores. They are in a clear bag with red writing. I have to look for those. BUT both of my sisters who live in Arkansas both use and love the tortilla squares….

I found the perfect way to make dumplings, was at a grocery and their dumplings were delicious, a clerk said they used pie crust, bought Pillsberry refrigerated piecrust and cut them so easy with a pizza cutter,. They are in a red box and found next to the frozen bread. I use the flour tortillas also and I never get a bad review.

Everybody loves them, they are soooo tasty, try it! No complaints, cooked right…………YUM. I use flour tortillas also. I dust each side of tortillas with flour before cutting.. Just remember not to add too many tortillas to your broth or it will be a mess. Do you cover them while cooking or not?

My mother-in-law told me but I have forgotten. She said that one way they would fall to pieces but which way. What box?

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Leave them uncovered. Real simple buy Mary hilll rozen dumplings the way you prepare chicken is most important.. I cook chicken pieces such as backs thyghs along with onions celery tomatoes salt pepper let cool and strain. Remove fat reheat and drop dumplings. Chicken cooked at home -boiled and deboned- add store bought chicken broth or the cubes to taste to the leftover chicken water and boil away.

You can also add little green peas and carrots if one pot meal. Love it!!! Do it all time especially with Mac n chess. My daughter has a gluten allergy. We are from the south and when you live in Tn. Hoping this recipe works for my gluten free baby.

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Bisquick makes it gluten free now look either in your local grocery store or hole foods market or go on line and google it.. I have been cooking gluten free for several years and have seen more options for celeac indevidusld!! Good luck!! I made this recipe using the gluten free baking mix from King Arthur and it worked out just fine. My daughter loved it! I just tweaked the measurements to work out according to the box. Getting ready to go do it again right now. I sautee an onion and celery in my broth and use crisco to make my dumplings. Roll them out really thin and they are delicious.

From Iowa and my mother in law taught me with the eggs and flour ….. Depending how big a batch determines the number of eggs …. For example : Beat three eggs with a fork then add salt to taste and I also add some garlic salt flour to the egg mixture until it forms a ball Roll out and cut how you want …..

Squares or strips ….

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Use flour to add to board when rolling out and add flour to rolling pin and formed ball …. Drop in chicken broth that is boiling until they are done…. They will float to top …. Close to done. Dumplings are made the way you all day but not true hill dumplings the cut dumpling is. Yes this is the way my gramma taught me to make them with 1 egg for every cup of flour salt pepper to taste and enough cold water to bring dough together.

Then roll out as usual…in PA we call it chicken potpoi. Also add potatoes, celery, shredded carrots. Yup I use eggs and broth cooled we call it pot pie and my family loves it made with ham most, but also make chicken or beef pot pie. From Pa. Has any one made them from Buisquic?????

Easy, Recipie on box Just spoon into the boiling broth. They float to the top when done.