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One second you might be giving out a single command a minute, and the next you give 3 instructions within a few seconds. Adding a variation to the speed at which you deliver commands is a great way to keep them cheery and giggling throughout the whole game.

You could also issue 3 commands at the same time: 2 Simon says commands and one without. Increase the complexity of your commands, or maybe even change up the words you use.

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Adding in complicated words to describe simple tasks is a great way to get kids to learn and understand new words. The is probably the most important factor when picking commands. Keep the tasks as simple as possible.

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Increase the speed slowly and be mindful of your language. Kids may not be able to understand every word or concept you talk about. These guys are the most entertaining age.

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You want to issue instructions that are somewhat challenging but nothing overly complex. A nice way to make the game challenging is to randomly change speeds.

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Simon says cry like a baby. Simon says be scissors. Simon says start singing.

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Simon says walk on your knees. Simon says act like a monkey. Simon says tickle your friend. Simon says yawn. Simon says stand on 1 foot. Simon says smell your feet.

Simon says hug yourself. Simon says walk backwards.

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Simon says take off one piece of clothing. Simon says kiss your tummy. Simon says tickle your feet. Simon says wiggle your nose. Simon says do whatever your friend does.

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