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Botswana-Zambia: 0. Italy-Vatican: 3. France-Monaco: 4.

10 World's Strangest Borders Between Countries

Egypt-Palestine: 11 kilometers 5. North Korea-Russia: 19 kilometers 6. Croatia-Montenegro: 25 kilometers 7. Austria-Liechtenstein: Armenia-Iran: 35 kilometers 9. Italy-San Marino: 39 kilometers Liechtenstein-Switzerland: 41 kilometers Algeria-Western Sahara: 42 kilometers there should be a marathon along this border Some people claim there is a land border of 0.

Feel free to disagree below. It is a tiny Spanish enclave that shares an 85 meter long 0. Nor should Gibraltar be entirely neglected.

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It was after all famously twinned with the port town of Goole in Yorkshire back in the days. The British Overseas Territory shares a 1. Funny you should mention Kazungula.

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I just heard from livilodge five minutes ago that they're building a bridge across the Zambezi — which would make the "runable" part even shorter. This is a very well thought out site with very good content, I enjoyed reading it very much indeed. Online Travel Agencies. Most of these are well thought out, but you definitely missed Azerbaijan-Turkey at 9 km, as another commenter noted.

Country Borders

There is a border between France and the UK located within the Eurotunnel. Its location is defined in the Treaty of Canturbery. I don't know the length of this border but I guess it can be estimated by adding the diameters of the 3 tubes of the tunnel: 2 for the traffic of 7. That makes it a 20m border, or 0. The only island with two different countries, different languages, religion, etc. Maarten all have two different countries on them.

Of note is also, Cuba with Guantanamo bay. Sakhalin, which used to be divided between Russia and Japan. Will Bochy stay retired? Amazon will not stop taping your Alexa queries. Snoop Dogg mourns his day-old grandson. Guinness launches first American milk stout. Get free coffee through Sunday for Coffee Day.

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No Russia witch hunt: Trump-Ukraine is serious. How I got through college as a homeless student. School officers may mean more danger for black girls. No matter which way you're heading out of Peru, you're sure to find an excellent adventure in one of the nearby South American countries. Brazil offers the most diverse set of entertainment options, considering you'd enter in the Amazon and come out on the opposite side of the continent near popular beach vacation cities.

Countries With the Most Neighbors

Bolivia is entirely landlocked, but it does offer the beautiful Salar de Uyuni salt flat, the Inca palace and Chincana ruins on Isla del Sol, and Laguna Verda's green waters, hot springs, and volcanoes. Tripsavvy uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using Tripsavvy, you accept our. Share Pin Email.