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Most adults start to get sleepy at about 10pm. This is because there is an increase in the sleep hormone, melatonin, at around this time. As many students have to get up before 8am, this means there is insufficient time to get the necessary hours of sleep. Teaching tip: Young people may not have enough time to get the sleep they need, but that does not absolve them of their sleep responsibilities. Research carried out by Dr Deborah Yurgelun-Todd and others suggests that because the pre-frontal cortex is still developing, teenagers rely more on their limbic system which acts more like an instinctive reaction when reading emotions.

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All the adults correctly identified the look of fear, whereas only about half of teenagers got the right answer. The limbic system also elicits an increased emotional response, so teenagers are more likely to misread an emotion and overact while doing so. Teaching tip: There is no quick solution — time and patience are required. Be explicit and clear about what you mean and help students improve their self-awareness. In class, you could get pupils to ask themselves these nine simple questions to help them on the road to self-awareness.

When working with teenagers, it can often feels as if they have no self-control whatsoever — if they think it, they say it or do it. Research suggests that this reduced self-control is most pronounced in heated situations which is exactly when you need it. This is not only down to the developing pre-frontal cortex which is associated with impulse control , but also due to enhanced activity in the part of the brain that seeks out novelty and reward. Teaching tip: Self-control can be improved but it is difficult.

One option is to limit distractions during times when concentration and memory are needed and when tensions are running high, for example, during revision periods. Talk to your students about what distracts them it is good idea to make students put their mobile phones away and try to reduce these factors as much as you realistically can. Being a teenager is hard. You face life-altering exams at a time when your brain is going through huge changes.

While they have a responsibility to manage their own behaviour, by understanding the changes and challenges they face, teachers can guide their practice to help them navigate this as happily and successfully as possible. Bradley Busch is a registered psychologist and director at InnerDrive. Teenagers struggle to get enough sleep During her teenage years, musician Adele almost got excluded from school for continually turning up late. Teenagers can find it hard to read emotions Research carried out by Dr Deborah Yurgelun-Todd and others suggests that because the pre-frontal cortex is still developing, teenagers rely more on their limbic system which acts more like an instinctive reaction when reading emotions.

Teenagers have less self-control When working with teenagers, it can often feels as if they have no self-control whatsoever — if they think it, they say it or do it.

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A final thought Having a computer at home allows you to have access to work from home jobs such as research, data entry, writing and other work-from-home jobs. With a computer at home, you can easily communicate with friends and family through email, social networks and instant messaging.

Using a computer to communicate is cheaper than calling friends and family long distance. You can also communicate with co-workers, your boss and anyone else you meet on the Internet through your own computer. People usually go to the library for their research. If you have your own computer at home, you don't have to travel to the library when you need to research something. Log on to the Internet and research whatever you need with your computer at home. When you need to know something fast you can look it up on Google or your favorite search engine. Having a computer at home gives you access to learning all kinds of things through research.

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This will save you on gas charges instead of having to drive to the library. Having a computer at home means your own personal entertainment source. There are literally thousands of games on the Internet which you can play anytime you want to. You can also join social networks and interact with your friends on a daily basis. With a computer at home and the Internet, students can now get a college degree from home. There are a lot of different schools that allow students to take college classes online. Using a computer and the Internet can get you a degree at your own pace and faster than going to a college campus.

While almost every household has at least one personal computer within it, desktop and laptop computers are no longer the only computers found in the home. Many homes have numerous computers embedded throughout.

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Thermostats, appliances, entertainment systems and home security systems are just a few examples of things in a home that can be controlled by an internal computer. These smart homes are capable of so much. All of the devices work on a network and often communicate wirelessly. Home security systems can be monitored from an offsite location.

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Lights can be turned on and off remotely. Some thermostats can even learn and adapt to homeowner preferences. Smart homes are becoming more and more common. Technology is advancing at a rapid rate and smart homes are expected to become the norm in the very near future.

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The smart devices and appliances can be controlled from personal computers, or other network devices like smart phones. Some people believe that these homes will eventually be smart enough to recognize the inhabitants and adapt to the needs, [2] giving the phrase computers in the home a whole new meaning.

At most colleges and universities, their students are familiar with blackboard, [3] a course management system that is used quite frequently in order to stay in touch with teachers, figure out homework assignments, and keep track of grades. While not all classes utilize this technology, it can be very helpful especially for online courses. With technology growing and advancing so far forward we now have the ability to learn and take classes from the comfort of our own home. While many students still go on campus, there is no shortage of computers. Most colleges have at least one mega lab with nearly a hundred computers.

But if you wish to bring your own laptop there are plenty of wireless hot spots where you could get a connection to the internet from anywhere on campus. Understandably lugging textbooks around campus may seem exhausting and tiring, you now have the option to get an electronic e-Book of most textbooks needed for class.

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Most people are knowledgeable on the fact that computers are widely-used in colleges and at universities, but let's take a step back and take a look at the ways in which computers are used in elementary schools. The biggest benefit of a computer being used in a classroom is that it can provide many different study tools depending on the class. They can provide electronic flashcards, math games, and even things as simple as crossword puzzles.

Although a computer cannot replace a teacher, it can help expand a students independent thinking skills by allowing activities to be taken as many times as needed. Most of the activities found in classrooms are very interactive which helps keep the student interested. Also, we must not forget that because modern day children are drawn towards electronics, they are more compelled to engage in study activities on a computer rather than a sheet of paper.

Working on a computer at an early age helps build fundamental skills needed later on in life. At a young age a child can learn how to fully operate the basic external hardware of a computer like the screen, keyboard, or mouse. With enough exposure to computers and their components, a student can become more efficient for the following years of school and even their future career.

If you have seen any older movie or SpongeBob you have probably seen people getting to work grabbing their time card and getting it stamped to show what time they have arrived at work. This is called an authentication system or timesheet. This isn't the only use of computers on the job or at work in general. For instance say there is a presentation you must give to the board of directors, you might want to make a PowerPoint [6] to give visuals to help drive home your point. Or perhaps you work retail and the pair of pants a customer wants is out of stock, you could easily order it online for them, and minimize the headache of shopping for those who hardly shop.

Whatever the case, computers can help. Every industry has computers.

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These machines have been incorporated into the fabric of every workforce. Computers have even created many fields which did not exist prior to their existence. One size does not fit all in the realm of computers, rather each has a purpose or assigned task.

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The computers that fulfill similar tasks can be classed together. The categories range from small scale to industrial.