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Hell, they could tear it to shreds and scatter it like confetti if they wanted, as there was only one man that would ever own it and his was the one voice I would never hear again. Then, I felt the thunder crack before I heard it…pain. Pain erupted across a face and when my eyes flashed open, I was looking into the piercing eyes of a scarred bear.

I had to blink a few times before the image disappeared and what was left was the tear stained face of Leivic. I looked around and saw the familiar clear sky I had woken up to that morning. The hard gravel floor started to dig into my back where I lay and I turned my head to the side to see the creaky front steps leading up to a door that someone I loved would never walk through again. It was only then that I realised my body was shaking uncontrollably and my vision was like opening your eyes underwater.

I was being held by strong arms that would never be strong enough and being softly spoken to by a voice that would never be soft enough. The wrong breath in my ear, wrong fingers curled round my arm and the wrong heart pounded wildly in the wrong chest.

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And Draven was really gone from this world and had left behind a shell of a girl, who was now not only missing half her soul, but also…. I hit it with a little too much force and the pain was welcomed.

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These days it was the only feeling that let me know I was still alive. The week that followed the worst day of my life was like walking in the dark and having to feel my way around blindly with my hands.

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To say that I felt numb was not exactly true. But it was times like now, the times I was alone and the only emotion and physical feeling was the same and that was pure, unfiltered pain.

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A pain which cut so deep, that with every movement my body made, I felt like screaming in agony. So, I tried the technique of not sleeping. It was like a blissful torture, one that would break the little left of my soul. I would cry for hours, until that was all my body knew what to do. It was a complete lie when people said that your tears ran dry, that you could cry so much that you had nothing left, because a week later and it was still all my body knew what to do. I would love to have said that , after that day, things got easier, but I would be lying.

The only changes were the different responses I took to the news. The first day my body seemed to shut down. It was as though my mind had no say in the fact that my body had given up and was ready to die along with the other half of me. It was only after a full twenty odd hours that it was finally safe enough to leave me. Libby had come back to find me in such a state that she could get little from me but from the way I kept repeating,.

And still, to this day, I had not found it in me to correct her. Because she was right in a sense, Draven had left me, but unlike living with even the smallest possibility that he would come back, no, I was living in the shadows of what his body left behind. The second day had me waking to even more tears as my cruel brain had spent the night replaying every touch, smell and loving word he had bestowed on me. I could barely keep down liquids before having to run to the toilet to exercise my stomach muscles.

The third day however , my mind took on another approach. It was the day that my brain finally kicked into living gear and started to try and form a plan. It was only then that I started to realise that no-one and I mean no-one had been in contact with me!

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I mean, not even a phone call or a message from either Vincent or Sophia. It was only then that I realised even Ragnar, my bodyguard, had disappeared. It was as if time had been rewritten and I had gone back in time to when I first arrived. I had grabbed my phone and started ringing every number on there to try and get answers , but every number came back with a dead dial tone as if that phone was no longer in use. I had even driven to Afterlife, just to sit in my car for three hours, to stare out at a lifeless club that had been my second home. It had been shut up tight and even when I finally got my cramped legs out of the car, I found there was little point.

This had started a whole load more crying, but added to this was also a whole load of fist banging that ended with a couple of bruised hands and cut up knuckles. I walked away with some sick hope that my blood on the notice would be seen by those who had caused my pain. A brother and a sister, a Viking bodyguard whose life I had saved, a Vampire king who I had taken a knife in my heart for and an Imp who I had let into that heart. But no-one was there, no-one had come and I was very much alone.

This was the first day that I cried not tears of pain and heartbreak, but pure rage. I had walked back to the cabin which was still in pieces in the forest clearing and it was the first time I had been back to the scene that changed my past forever. The night that had killed my demons once and for all and at that moment I was so angry that I wished Morgan had been there waiting for me.

I wanted to see him. I wanted to smash his face into my ready bones and watch him crumble at my feet. I wanted him to suffer as I had done, like I was doing now. I wanted someone who deserved to feel my pain and when I punched my fist through one of the only pieces of wood left standing, I knew I had lost it.

Anger Day ended with a trip to the hospital and a fracture at the neck of the fourth metacarpal bone, or so the doctor informed me. I left the hospital with a splint that extended from my mid-forearm to the fingers, leaving my fingertips exposed and a shit load of Ibuprofen. He told me to put ice on it to help with the swelling and take the pain killers as needed. At the price of an X ray, two thoughts entered my mind in the back of the taxi, one I was glad I had taken out health insurance and two, how I missed the National Health Service in England.

I had gotten home and managed to form enough words to lie to Libby by saying I had fallen on my hand awkwardly when out walking. Where was his goodbye to the world and where did his body rest?

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I hated that they thought badly of Draven and hearing Frank one night saying how he would kick his ass if ever he saw him again, had me crying once more. I loved my sister and Frank but the very last thing I wanted, during her last weeks of pregnancy, was to add any stress, which was why things changed on the fifth day. Day five brought back an old friend of mine and I woke up to see the fake Keira back in business.

I got up, decided to finally use the bathroom for more than the toilet and endless rolls of tissue paper to dry tears, to have a much needed shower. I dressed in something other than pyjamas and pulled a pair of gloves on over my splint. It kind of looked like I had stuffed a tennis ball on the top of my hand but the pain of it I welcomed. It was like a sick release on my overwhelming emotions and it helped in finally talking to Libby.

Every time I would think, well at least there is one pain in my life that I could control! Also By Stephanie Hudson. Stephanie Hudson - Afterlife Saga Series Hudson, Stephanie AfterLife Saga epub, 2. The Pentagram Child Part 1[Afterlife. Format: Kindle. Doreen Cronin - [Chicken. Epub KB. Page 2. Abbott second addition homework 1 3 4. Content URL.